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  • StillChill0


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    ROBLOX 2 looks cool.

  • Just a Per Person

    Just a Per Person

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    When the kid in my basement go outside:

  • lord cretin

    lord cretin

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    we aren’t appreciating this man enough, dude is making straight masterpieces every time

  • Shifty As Shady

    Shifty As Shady

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  • Zixea


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    Reminds me of

  • Valerie Howie

    Valerie Howie

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    Me when I'm outside:

  • HouseTheUwU


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    this.. gives me a weird, pit in my stomach feeling. it’s like that feeling when you see a channel you loved and tune in on a saturday night and you hear its closing down message. It’s like playing a game you loved so much, and.. it ends. And you feel empty. Or, if something you watch ends with a bitter ending, leaving you just.. sitting there. Wondering..
    I don’t know. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

  • Sksksksks turtles

    Sksksksks turtles

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    I'm scared.. 😔

  • Amilee Liole

    Amilee Liole

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    service stops, plane airdinamycs, second eurotruck,,, pure childhood

  • Kiizuu


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    *Im getting some faith vibes bro*

  • Kale Kelsam

    Kale Kelsam

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    how do I recreate the amazing voice this dude has

  • MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

    MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

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    if you guys played Faith the voices sound the same

  • MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

    MrMarioluigi1000 Levi

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    how do you make the voice?

  • Civilian


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    The entire TF2 fandom when the heavy update drops:

  • flint lockwood

    flint lockwood

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    i just wanted to say that jack is super inspiring and makes alot of cool videos that i find very nostalgic. i hope the whole world would recognize his name in the future and more fans to come.

  • flint lockwood

    flint lockwood

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  • Gacha Fluff

    Gacha Fluff

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    This is fine

  • Ricardo Gastelum

    Ricardo Gastelum

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    I feel like jack made this as a response to the fire that was happening at the Amazon

  • Green Bird

    Green Bird

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  • ProBrezy


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    i cried

  • Nicholas Stewart

    Nicholas Stewart

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    I found this channel when he had like 400k, I’m proud

  • Arc Christelle

    Arc Christelle

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  • CandidCamzy


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    Dude, why’d you spoil Faith III?

  • CynDystro


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    Hello people 6 years in the future when this gets re-recommended

  • kitsieandmeow


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    Does anyone know what voice codec this is?

  • Hytarie


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    Man I love this I don't even know why but that's making me nostalgic???? I'M A TEENAGER WHY AM I BEING NOSTALGIC????

  • Jack Pop

    Jack Pop

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  • Kms 2020

    Kms 2020

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    change da world my final message goo d b ye

  • enthusiasm


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    Inspiration in a creepy package

  • 와사비탈탈


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    누가 번역좀.

  • Jonathan Locke

    Jonathan Locke

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    This is your best work broh

  • DGOrion


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  • DASH99ER


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  • Limboy


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    The voice is from the Comidor 64 right?

  • NinjaJulian18


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  • Sophie B

    Sophie B

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    Wow. Such a divine view.

  • Nyantendo


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    Was this just an ad for #TeamTrees?

  • Iconicshrimp 328

    Iconicshrimp 328

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    Can someone tell me what is that text to speech program is

  • Sour Froggs

    Sour Froggs

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    M O R T I S

  • Awsomeblock 123

    Awsomeblock 123

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    Mr Beast: “Save the world, my final message”

  • Big money

    Big money

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    this fucked me up beyond repair

  • Getkawedbythecrow


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  • Helenarchy


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    This was posted three weeks ago. I've never seen this video before, and yet it feels viscerally familiar, as if I've already experienced it in a separate plane.

  • Shelton Willey

    Shelton Willey

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  • ツcaffeine


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    this made me cry a little bit, dont know why.

  • Mika Kick

    Mika Kick

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    "Save da world. This is my final message.

  • Hunter Stuff

    Hunter Stuff

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    *“i am reminded of the goodness of man”*
    -Jack Stauber with robot voice 2019

  • Kawaii Powietrze

    Kawaii Powietrze

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    Me when my school is burning:

  • The Editor

    The Editor

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    How does someone achieve making this kind of voice.

  • Phantom Xxx

    Phantom Xxx

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    View of death... still on my brothers acc 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Noah Sharp

    Noah Sharp

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  • Ellie


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    ok boomer

  • Maxobb


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    Where could I find the song by itself?

  • izu.m ido

    izu.m ido

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    I've been clean for 3 and a half years.
    but tonight. tonight that changes. I did my best.

  • izu.m ido

    izu.m ido

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    so you finally decided to do it.
    you stand up on the cliff and look over the side, billions of people down there. living. going on. pushing through. you look at your feet. curling your toes and shifting. so how long are u gonna stand there and wait? minuets? hours? who knows. maybe someone will come stop you. do u want that? I don't know. you think about your friend back in elementary school. your old inside joke. haha that was funny back then. but right now isn't back then and right now you've made the choice to end it all. to send your body flying down a cliff to hit the ground and bounce while every bone in your body breaks and you become nothing but a pile of bones and flesh. take in the moment, it's the last one. little did you know if you had been at school next week you would've meet someone who would change your life and be there for you forever. but you missed the opportunity. was it worth it? is it worth it?

  • Brandon King

    Brandon King

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    Man I love Radiohead

  • b u t t e r c u p

    b u t t e r c u p

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    Anybody from 2027?

  • Matthew [GI]

    Matthew [GI]

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    *_it makes my breath away_*

  • CallMeLarson


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  • dronk


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    😔 Damn... This is deep... 😔
    😔 Like for a free iPhone 5s... 😔

  • CodyCorg


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    What animation software is this?

  • Dragonking


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    Think again dude

  • DogeGamer 2

    DogeGamer 2

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    this was trending

  • Who Am i ?

    Who Am i ?

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    Jack: *posts another video*
    Me: _i am reminded of the goodness of man_

  • Robert Nicho

    Robert Nicho

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    I love the irony of him repeating the beauty of nature, when the video goes out of its way to be as virtual as possible

  • Alexandria m

    Alexandria m

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    Hello people scrolling with anxiety

  • Amaddeo Gaetano

    Amaddeo Gaetano

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    When I here is voice
    Me: M O R T I S

  • BluuSter


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    In the next 30 years, this masterpiece is gonna be recommended

  • Kazoo Kid

    Kazoo Kid

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    this: *exists*
    some isolated part of my mind, softly: *ok boomer*

  • Melia Petrello

    Melia Petrello

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