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The Savagery continues.. This time we got Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman to pay homage to all the mothers around the world. Especially the ones who are savage. This was undoubtedly one of the best collabs we've done so far. Thank you iisuperwomanii for gracing us with your awesomeness. You're too funny for life.
Production: Do Creative Labs
Manager: Anuj Muthreja
Poster Credits - Siddarth Mohandas

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    GMR vlogs

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    Dumbest YouTube video ever

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    Mammoo Zack

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    മലയാളികൾ ആരൂല്ലെ😄

  • saurav prabhal

    saurav prabhal

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    Waiting for new song of jordindian



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    Make a video on savage dads with Manjeet singh

  • Oh My God!

    Oh My God!

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  • Ahmed Salman

    Ahmed Salman

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    Lilly Singh is savage

  • Sanyukta Shroff

    Sanyukta Shroff

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    Awesome video

  • Punjabrao Bharambe

    Punjabrao Bharambe

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    Thé dance in thé end was SO cringy

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    R 10

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    Trying to hard

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    I like all ur videos ...but this one need to improve...☺

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    Plz make types of tik tok users

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    jijo ami

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    First Jordindian video ever to dislike. WTF you guys doing bringing outsiders here. Use THE JORDINDIAN FAMILY Yaaaaaarrrr.
    TBH, this video didn't have the usual Jordindian effect. Man her acting was so laamme. That dance looked like overreacting wtf.

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    sophie vermillion

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    Lily is best!

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    I love your new video savage mom part 2 is so funny😃😃😃😃😃

  • Bibi Mariam

    Bibi Mariam

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    Your all videos are funny hahah 😄😄😄

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    Father comes firsts...just now did I get the right meaning



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    Premlal Premkumar

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    Sorry to say this, but the Jordindian feel is missing here :(

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    purujith bs

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    When is your next video

  • Goothy Padma

    Goothy Padma

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    There was no jordindian feel in it as someone said below ...and it seemed artificial sorry to say..

  • Goothy Padma

    Goothy Padma

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    This is the 1st video of jordindian which I actually have to say was not gud enough

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    supriya dsilva

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    Am a big fan but this video is not an og jordindian video
    Was a bit lame

  • travel with Mr. Dixit

    travel with Mr. Dixit

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    The 1st girl was better than lily

  • Ujala Gupta

    Ujala Gupta

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    fix the sound editing man

  • Anirudh P.L

    Anirudh P.L

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    What a super woman 🤣🤣 better than the flash.

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    new age media

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    Anyone from Uzbekistan?

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    HARITH The Beyblader

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    you guys should see superwoman's dancing in girls like you by maroon 5 and Cardi B

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    I wish the vid was longer

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    Eapen Samuel

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    Could you guys please upload a video on Marriages in India?

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    Thank you!

  • Adarsh HD

    Adarsh HD

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    Really disappointed with this vedio,
    Really really bad script,
    We have lots of hope on your next video please don't disappoint us

  • Rohan Shiri Filmirgo

    Rohan Shiri Filmirgo

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    She is looking like Mia kalifa

  • burppdogg


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    #quickgunmurugan my dude amazing



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    Can u guys make a video types of farts plz if u dont I wil unsubscribe u .Because of late posting of videos u guys lost 2.7m subs

  • alisha bhatia

    alisha bhatia

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    Can you make a new video. I am waiting

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    dyllan static

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    Boom! Roasted!

  • Tashvi Mathur

    Tashvi Mathur

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    Lilly is not doing that well bring back niharika please

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    Thug Girl

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    This is an amazing video😂😂❤️

  • P N

    P N

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    I m from Hubli and guys url r rocking to watch u guys..i first came across the song url did Smoke shisha play fifa n from den I watched all ur skits..great job.Pure laughter no vulgarity..keep it up guys.

  • Dyutika Singaravelan

    Dyutika Singaravelan

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    Need a better video with lilly singh!!

  • Dyutika Singaravelan

    Dyutika Singaravelan

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    Expected a lot... Such a short video with not much savage come backs. Didn’t get the jordindian feel!! Nijarika nailed it in the 1st part... With Paramjeeth u coud hv done soooo much moreeee! 😕

  • Madhurina service center

    Madhurina service center

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    This video isnt good its non joke

  • Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singh

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    Quick gun Murugan who have watched it ??? I love that

  • Ashwin M. R

    Ashwin M. R

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    It war really boring this time 🤐

  • Trilokesh Vaiude

    Trilokesh Vaiude

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    You should have done Orange Justice in your Girlfriend's birthday and your Mother should have done Floss or Electro Swing.

  • Y shirley

    Y shirley

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    No offense but I really think part 1 is much better especially the mothers 😂

  • h krish

    h krish

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    I feel This video is mediocre compared to your other videos.

  • S.sampathkumar Pillai

    S.sampathkumar Pillai

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    Nice video

  • Naveen Vijayan

    Naveen Vijayan

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    Vineeth entha thallu 😁

  • MCV Creationz

    MCV Creationz

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    Didn't expect this piece of shit from Jordindian... So poor.. 😢😢😢😐😐🙏



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    Why don't you make DHINCHAK POOJA A HORROR STORY! Bc you made a trailer previously

  • sunil kumar

    sunil kumar

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    Uh ya niharika should have been in this😒

  • Haseen Taj

    Haseen Taj

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    Make a video on pubg please

  • Gaurav Ck

    Gaurav Ck

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    The previous character was good I don't think this girl suits the v😅

  • sumit prakash

    sumit prakash

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    I disliked this video right after watching 40 seconds...dumb content video...

  • Kashi Nath

    Kashi Nath

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    Wtf ...5 min video and only 2 :45 min content

  • Mohanabai Shanmugam

    Mohanabai Shanmugam

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    Not up to the mark 😕😕

  • Sajina Pravinjith

    Sajina Pravinjith

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    Day by Day becoming lame.😞
    This new person thinks she is Niharika
    Niharika is the best!!!!

  • Tom Idiculla

    Tom Idiculla

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    How is everyone ignoring the fact that, vineeth spoiled avengers endgame in their endgame vlog. He said iron man died. I mean come on!

  • Pavan Kumar

    Pavan Kumar

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    I love you guys, but lo siento I gotta say Nope. Vineeth and Naseer, You both are doing great by your self and you dont have to collaborate with others. That can ruin the show.

  • Camille Bancod

    Camille Bancod

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    Omg youre with Lili!!! Siiiicckkk

  • ThatGlobalDesi


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    Awwww how are they so adorable around Lilly!! Like so nervous and shit

  • löded diper

    löded diper

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    Savage dads please

  • Poonam Tiwari

    Poonam Tiwari

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    This video of yours was just overacting

  • Krishna Murty

    Krishna Murty

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    But they should release more videos

  • zeenath naik

    zeenath naik

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    I didn't understand the first one

  • Vhk_ 99

    Vhk_ 99

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    Nikharika > Lilly

  • Muhammed Ramees P A

    Muhammed Ramees P A

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    Liked it..... But still Niharika was Better.

  • Rohith Gowtham

    Rohith Gowtham

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    **The worst video ever from The Jordindian..This compelled me to unsubscribe**!!

  • kzthryn thangjam

    kzthryn thangjam

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    Has Niharika left?

  • Nishant Maurya

    Nishant Maurya

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    Please make a video on types of pubg players who want this video by jordindian please like.

  • nerdslaming trivia

    nerdslaming trivia

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    Can this comment get 100 likes

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    Harsha Rocks

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    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boring

  • Sandhya Babu

    Sandhya Babu

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    niharika is irreplaceable

  • Nicewolf


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    Love these guys for their hardwork.

  • Apeksha Choube

    Apeksha Choube

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    Where is that old girl? She is far better than her

  • Jesuraj RS

    Jesuraj RS

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    0.41-0.55 i saw 20 time that video without seeing simran...... because of Mother's Super Acting.... agar Tamil meh Kehna tho.. "Pinnittingappa"

  • Pranav Venki

    Pranav Venki

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    she is really cute.give me her whatsapp

  • mohit k hinduja

    mohit k hinduja

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    This is a boring vedio

  • sai harshan

    sai harshan

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    This one was not so entertaining guys. For the first time I felt this

  • Lakshmipathy Ramachandran

    Lakshmipathy Ramachandran

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    Make types of parents when their kids are ill

  • Exclusive Fortnite

    Exclusive Fortnite

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    Lily singh look like dinesh sister

  • Athul K V

    Athul K V

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    Which was the rocking tone.....

  • Jyotirmayee Singh

    Jyotirmayee Singh

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    Lily's expression 😂🤣

  • arfaath khan

    arfaath khan

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    The first one was nice this is not that much nice

  • Abdul Rahim

    Abdul Rahim

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    Jordindian I love u so much in fact we all love u so much but seriously this video was boring.

  • Sridevi Radhakrishnan

    Sridevi Radhakrishnan

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    Please please 😭😭😭 remake this Savage mom part

  • JasminePeak


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    "rajinikanth is busy" I'm dead

  • Adit Gupta

    Adit Gupta

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    Am i the only one who didn't get half of these??

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    Download mpl and get instant 50$ in your account
    "Download and get"👇

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    Lilly Superwoman and Jordindian Rocks 👌👌👌👌👌👌 , pls make Savage Papa with Pop manjit sing too.

  • Amana Sajjid

    Amana Sajjid

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    1:38 istarted laughing like a elephant god save me👏🏻👏🏻❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • biju2473


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    It was really good but if the used different ladies it would have been better .

  • Sreerag Sreeragam

    Sreerag Sreeragam

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    This video is truly awful

  • Balajee Biswas

    Balajee Biswas

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    Like from bangladesh

  • Tecknical Geeks

    Tecknical Geeks

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    Please make contents more often

  • shin shin

    shin shin

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    Niharika was better

  • savita bansal

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