Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Unboxing and First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter
  • Gene Pionela

    Gene Pionela

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    Jack off at the middle of the night! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying!

  • PJ Tookie

    PJ Tookie

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    "Jackin off in the middle of the night" 😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Who holds a tablet at the same time? 💀💀💀

  • ObronGaming


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    2:46 sir i think your cat is eating the cables

  • Trickmustang 1994

    Trickmustang 1994

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    I have the S3 tablet and I love it.

  • ÄL3X Jøhñsøñ

    ÄL3X Jøhñsøñ

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    When he put the pen in the back of the tab S6 i when he waved it....i thought the screen broke already..

  • The DylanPlayer

    The DylanPlayer

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    So stupid to not have a headphone jack

  • Nidsid364


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    If they made foreflight for android I would get this instead of the "new" ipad mini

  • michael cordell

    michael cordell

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    Trade up my iPad for this

  • J Mahendran

    J Mahendran

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    Flagship specs bro flag ship..

  • Diva Dreka

    Diva Dreka

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    Real review???

  • PhillyMike


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    Was gonna get blue but if my boy floss got the pink I gotta roll with it

  • nafis manzar

    nafis manzar

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    man it took 2 minutes 15 seconds to just get to the opening of the box

  • TR808


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    Tablet is Dope!



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  • Jdw650


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    New subscriber here. Keep doing what you do brother.

  • jawne1


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    • Flossy Carter

      Flossy Carter

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      It doesn’t make a difference. Only works on devices that are fast charge capable. So far, that’s only the Note 10 Plus

    • Ragu Watcion

      Ragu Watcion

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    How much

  • Lazuligamer.02 Lluvia

    Lazuligamer.02 Lluvia

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    I'm poor :'v

  • Khethukuthula Mthethwa

    Khethukuthula Mthethwa

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    Eish no Smell test

  • Andre Hamraee

    Andre Hamraee

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    @flossycarter can you post the link where you got the tiger tooth knife?

    • Flossy Carter

      Flossy Carter

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  • Tech Explained

    Tech Explained

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    Come on Samsung stop coping Apple plz this is an iPad Pro watered down

  • Kimberly Campos

    Kimberly Campos

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  • Izzy


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    Love the video and the realness 💖 thanx for the review I just bought this tablet for nursing school. Do you have a link to the video reviewing the keyboard yet?

  • Aston Dacus

    Aston Dacus

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    I'm deceased 5:54 😂😂😂😂



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    U r unboxing it like ur savage

  • Dorothy Pollock

    Dorothy Pollock

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    Will you be doing a Tab S6 vs. The Ipad pro?

  • Ryan


    11 दिन पहले

    Floss love the review! The demo of the S Pen features with the camera and video was so useful, hope you can show some more S Pen features in future reviews. I just bought the Tab S6 and hoping to learn more.

  • big boi withmemes memes

    big boi withmemes memes

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    My right ear enjoyed this video

  • debopriyo roy

    debopriyo roy

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    Nice video...thanks

  • J-ManBby


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    "Just grab a little unboxing knife"
    Grabs 17" kitchen knife out of Michael Meyers's hand. 😅

  • B Shizzle's

    B Shizzle's

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    came for the review, stayed for white shoe

    jokes aside, dude i really like your reviews XD a new subscriber :D

  • Senior Youssef

    Senior Youssef

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    4:05 Usb type C charging SluT :D XD

  • datstache


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    Wow a tablet that give you a pen
    Instead of paying extra for it

  • Chellz World

    Chellz World

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    Actually looking for a good tablet to start my little business with

  • Chellz World

    Chellz World

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    Lol I love this review

  • Nick Edens

    Nick Edens

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    Is it worth putting the extra money in for from the s5e

  • Rosy Austin

    Rosy Austin

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  • Michel Wouters

    Michel Wouters

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    thanks. S6 its going to be. sorry apple..

  • Coco


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    The cat is eating the wire!!!!!!

  • Wolfgang Vonberkenstein

    Wolfgang Vonberkenstein

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    Rock out like a scumbag if you want LMFAOO 🤣

  • Meme H.

    Meme H.

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    Jagging off at night! Lol 😂 hilarious love your videos

  • paddy mccracken

    paddy mccracken

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    "secure folder thot protection " myy guyyyy i rate thatt

  • Michael McTheny

    Michael McTheny

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    Dig the video . great review. keep doing what you do friend

  • Patricio Miranda

    Patricio Miranda

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    CJ are you? 0:00

  • Happy Ending Gamer PUBGM

    Happy Ending Gamer PUBGM

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    Yo bro... Your cat snoring so hard...
    Purrrr purrrr.... 🤣White socks

  • Goku Black

    Goku Black

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    This dude roasting everybody 🤣🤣🤣

  • Emily Cadot

    Emily Cadot

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    This is why you are my favorite electronics review channel. you always review the stuff I am interested in and answer most of my questions. But where is that follow up video with the keyboard?

  • KPT 13

    KPT 13

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    2:39 haha I love this cat, I saw few Video on this channel and he is Always acompanied on unboxing stuff:D

  • R3D


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    I bought the Tab S3 on sale one year ago. It cost me about $300. Very good investment. It's got the 4 speakers tuned by AKG, it's got Dolby Atmos, it's got AMOLED display and it's still fast enough for all the apps I've tried. Although I don't game on it. I use it for social media and watching youtube documentaries in bed before I fall asleep. I upgraded from an iPad 3 that was getting so slow it was not possible to use it any longer. The S3 is super fast.. No lag when swiping etc. Oh, and it's got a headphone jack. Why do you remove it Samsung?

  • Gitith Kavitha

    Gitith Kavitha

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    Make a review of it?

  • Slippin Jimmy79ツ

    Slippin Jimmy79ツ

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    New to this channel. I’ve watch maybe 6 or 7 vids.. can someone give me a backstory to why he tells white shoes to calm down every vid? 😆

    • Slippin Jimmy79ツ

      Slippin Jimmy79ツ

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      MannyNCF ohhh lol. Such a cute cat 🥺

    • MannyNCF


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      You see how he’s always going for the cables or jumping in a box lol

  • Raynard Alberth

    Raynard Alberth

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    Im getting that on christmas

  • McShady


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    "secure folders, thats your THOT PROTECTION" damn flossy is way too real!!

  • Samuel Rintala

    Samuel Rintala

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    How much samsung can copy for apple

  • Pranjay Shekhawat

    Pranjay Shekhawat

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    Just not the iPad

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

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    No landscape mode?

  • Bhagwan Singh Rana

    Bhagwan Singh Rana

    16 दिन पहले

    Can I insert two sim cards in Tab S6 & make it work as a Dual SIM Card Mobile Phone ?

  • orvies 73

    orvies 73

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    Alguien que hable español ? :"v

  • Zook T

    Zook T

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    Do a full comparison with the tab s4.

  • Malintha Herath

    Malintha Herath

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    no TGH this time :P

  • Shalique Haralson

    Shalique Haralson

    17 दिन पहले

    Wait I did not know this came out when I just got the tab 10.5

  • Oksana B

    Oksana B

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    That’s funny... . Shoes does the usual.... starts chewing on the cords . Like she know what to do, after the intro haha haha 😂

  • TypicalAnimationStudios


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    thought my headphones broke, but nah

  • SimplyStimulating


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    When I have nothing to watch I just go to a flossy video I haven't watched yet

  • Max Xion

    Max Xion

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    That cat is cute and .... eating usb cable?

  • Joel Gomez

    Joel Gomez

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    Looks like im going with the S5 E

  • Expat In UK Biker

    Expat In UK Biker

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    Hi Mr. Carter, could you please check whether the tab s6 can handle video editing? Thanks

  • Teh Jamez

    Teh Jamez

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    7:46 where my babies at

  • Samoan Shaka

    Samoan Shaka

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    "...or say you wanna watch a whole bunch of videos YouTube, Netflix or you wanna jackoff in the middle of the night" BWHAHAHA Floss yous a straight fool but I hella respect it bkz you keep it 100!!

  • Halima Aktar

    Halima Aktar

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    Subscriber for a subscriber?