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    • Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

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      Question...I have an oop but the person who the oop is against keeps violating it. What can I do? He was arrested again last night but they let him go again. My family is scared.

    • Jesse Guajardo

      Jesse Guajardo

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      Could you go over the cartoon version of 12 angry men like the one from Hey Arnold series.

    • Paul Borst

      Paul Borst

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      At the time this episode was dismissed, however in hindsight we now know that it was ahead of its time in that it acknowledges the horrifying attempts by companies and countries to implement a *"social credit system"* which has tremendous detrimental effects on personal freedom.

    • Lord Of Ōshū

      Lord Of Ōshū

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      Hey LegalEagle Can you react to Star Trek: Voyager Episode Death Wish?

    • Anthony Neubert

      Anthony Neubert

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      LegalEagle you should do bringing down the house if for no other reason than because Steve Martin's online screen name is 'LegalEagle' in the movie.

  • Camilo Iribarren

    Camilo Iribarren

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    Objection: Counsel has to review two legal series and give his ruling on legal realism: 1) Franklin and Bash 2) Bull.

  • mr k

    mr k

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    Seinfeld was the best.

  • Tyler Rehkopf

    Tyler Rehkopf

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    Also, you should watch the seventh season of Seinfeld. Its pure gold

  • Tyler Rehkopf

    Tyler Rehkopf

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    It would be GREAT if you did a video about how sentencing hearings go down. I literally had no idea it was a separate hearing.

  • inkblot131


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    Jackie should have pointed out that these four DID act to 'help,' even if it was without realizing they were doing so. The video, even it couldn't be used in a future trial, COULD BE USED TO IDENTIFY THE CARJACKER.

  • PsyberSourcerer


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    Objection. ~3 minute mark. Prioritizing the video evidence is reasonable. It contains both proof of the crime, and the identity of the car-jacker. Pursuit may or may not lead to apprehension, and choosing to pursue instead would be choosing to lose the video evidence.

  • Across


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    uhuhuh Civilians, doing police work! w00t! oh public pensions and benefits here i come! :D
    Heh JK but in all seriousness... I am not american but I really doubt the "Good Samaritan law" works like that... wtf rly?
    As if enforcing ppl for good will when it's not THEIR JOB, was ever a good idea... sure you can set good Samaritan examples but blatantly enforcing good will from ppl will never work on the long run, humans don't like to being told what to do very often... especially nowadays where ppl get sued for helping out others...
    Honestly I think it has to come from said ppl to go out of their way to help out and even that is subjective to the circumstances at hand.

  • mr bojangles

    mr bojangles

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    small town cops

  • Michael Curtis

    Michael Curtis

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    I would love to see an analysis of THE SIMPSONS episode "The Devil Vs. Homer Simpson"

  • andrewwhaddad


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    Are you wearing pants?

  • Tyler Worden

    Tyler Worden

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    You should check out Cap. Blackadder's Court Martial from Blackadder Season 4 Episode 2 "Corporal Punishment!"

  • Native Engine

    Native Engine

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    Wow. Playing the video without the audio? I never thought that could happen.

  • Native Engine

    Native Engine

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    Eager hand clapping=cute.

  • darksideofevil13


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    Could you please do "Chicanery" from Better Call Saul? That is by far the best episode.

  • Rich B

    Rich B

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    What a great video. You missed the fact they were in maximum security in the end! What the hell for they didn’t kill anyone?!?

  • Aadil Shah

    Aadil Shah

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    Indifference laws do exist in South Africa. They don't quite work like this though.
    For the record, I'm not a lawyer. I merely work with offenders.

  • daniel sprayberry

    daniel sprayberry

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    I'll take this time to say ...*giggle* he said duty



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  • Gijs Wilbrink

    Gijs Wilbrink

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    "I was never a huge Seinfeld fa..."
    *Stops video*

  • SCP- 3199

    SCP- 3199

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    Objection! wouldn't the fact that the robber had a gun make it unreasonable to assist making them innocent, also even if it reasonable to assist they captured the perpetrators face on camera which could be considered helping.



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    Objection: Small town law dictates that you arrest all out of towners and frame them with every unsolved crime in your jurisdiction. See Springfield vs. Steve Sax for more.

  • subito zx

    subito zx

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    Objection: Armed Robbery? As a defense lawyer, could you argue the defendant just had poor circulation? It was a cold day after all..

  • R. L. Dodson

    R. L. Dodson

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    Would it have been realistic for all these character witnesses to be brought in to a sentencing hearing after having been convicted of the original crime? Setting aside, of course, the implausibility of the law in the first place. The copious evidence of callous and selfish behavior seems like it *would* be appropriate for arguing that the quartet should be given the maximum sentence once guilt had been established.

  • Nicolas Bertin

    Nicolas Bertin

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    "non assistance à personne en danger" is actually a real thing in France which does happen. And like they say in the show, it's up to 5 years in prison and 75 000 €. It's applicable if you see a person in danger, you know you can help, you know helping will not put you in danger, and you do nothing. For example, if you see a car crash, see a person is hurt, still alive, drive away and don't even call 911, then you can be arrested under that law, especially if that person dies. Usually it's more a thing that's added to the sentence of a person causing the car crash and fleeing the scene. In Seinfeld, they could be arrested for not calling 911 if they knew the gun was real, and knew the victim was in danger. But any good attorney would argue that if they saw a gun, they couldn't really call 911 in a safe manner, fearing the robber would see them and shoot them. I'm disappointed that you didn't research that law in France (and it also exists in Germany).

  • Freindly Fire

    Freindly Fire

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    In The UK If You See Someone Getting Robbed ETC You 100% Need To Help Them Or You Can Be Arrested.

  • Torben Kliche

    Torben Kliche

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    A law like this (denial of assistance) is existing in Germany. But since the hijacker had (presumably) a gun it doesn't apply. You must not endanger yourself.

  • Stowaway // Diaconus

    Stowaway // Diaconus

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    Pleassee do the trial of Tim Heidecker! I really think it'd be fun to see your reaction and explanation for that adult swim masterpiece!

    • Pervasive Doubt

      Pervasive Doubt

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      That trial was incredible. It took me like a week, but I watched the whole thing

  • John Smith

    John Smith

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    react to Lionel Hutz



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    Well, it was the worst episode out of an otherwise excellent show.

  • fogeedup


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    Objection, correction on your use of words, you can't help someone out of a drowning pool @4:53

  • borgranta61103


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    The officer was derelict in his duties by not chasing the armed carjacker since that felony was far more serious.

  • borgranta61103


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    A good lawyer could have argued that they were being good witnesses to an armed carjacking by paying close attention and recording the event which would have enabled the cops to track down the carjacker before he kills someone.

  • borgranta61103


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    A law like this would make it harder to convict murderers since the murder witnesses will fear prosecution for being a witness

  • borgranta61103


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    The funny thing is one portion of the law quoted by the cop included the portion "if it is reasonable to do so. " It is not reasonable to commit suicide by running after armed robbers.

  • borgranta61103


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    Objection: You should give it a D or D- since a good lawyer would not be sleeping with the prosecution's witness during trial and potentially throwing the case. One of the last scenes revealed that the lawyer was romantically involved with the character portrayed by Terri Hatcher.

  • borgranta61103


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    I remember this episode and in the end of it their lawyer revealed to the gang that he had a relationship with one of the prosecution witnesses which is obviously a conflict of interest.

  • Gary Davis

    Gary Davis

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    Would their lawyer need to be licensed to practice law in that State?

    • Genghis Ares

      Genghis Ares

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      I think the Judge just needs to allow it. I think Legal Eagle went over this in the My Cousin Vinny video since Vinny is licensed in NY and the trial was in Alabama.

  • Cullan Stockton

    Cullan Stockton

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    You should do a video on Philadelphia

  • Brian Morrow

    Brian Morrow

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    Apparently, in the area of Texas where I live one could get a citation for "Failure To Render Aid" in the case of a vehicle accident where you were the only one around who could help....... At least, that's what I've always heard......

  • Thrusthamster


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    We have one of those obligation to help laws in Norway. If you let that person in the pool drown, or "leave them in a helpless condition", you can go to prison for up to 6 months.

  • Br00mstick


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    Interesting. I'm from Germany and the law over here is almost exactly like they show on Seinfeld, with the exception, that you cannot be held responsible, if you had to take a risk yourself while helping others. Also it's very rarely enforced. It's just a contingency for people who act like dicks in emergency situations.

    E,g, if you see somebody drowning and you could throw them a rescue-ring, you are required to do so, but if you had to swim out there and get them safely back to land you couldn't be held responsible, as it would possibly endanger your life as well.
    The Good Samaritan clause is also in effect, no matter what you. So, if you help in good faith and it can be viewed as a reasonable measure, you cannot be held responsible if you cause harm doing it. on the other hand, if you would drive on after seeing an unconscious body on the road you would most definitely be required to stop and at least call 911.

    I really don't get how a society could ever punish somebody for helping others and frankly I'm also a bit perplexed how people in the US apparently aren't punished for maybe letting somebody die in front of them. If I understand his explanation right, you could stand next to somebody who hangs on for dear life and watch him die without any consequences, even if all you had to do was call for help.

    I get the Seinfeld example is stupid, as there would have been no way for them to stop the robber without incurring risk to themselves and it's also reasonable to expect no punishment if the only thing that was damaged was ones property, but in cases where peoples lives are at risk and you could intervene without problem, you should be required to do so.

  • Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays

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    How about the Delta House hearing in the film Animal House.
    One exchange between the Deltas:
    "Don't worry. I'm pre-law."
    "I thought you were pre-med."
    "What's the difference?"

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

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    This show needs a reboot

  • Forrest Ellsworth

    Forrest Ellsworth

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    you've watched ONE episode of seinfeld. unsubbed forever

  • Flynn Lives cmd

    Flynn Lives cmd

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    Goliath goliath Goliath. Do Goliath.
    (Trial lawyering)

  • merle davis-hamilton

    merle davis-hamilton

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    Objection! Please do the best movie trial of all, Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Denzil Washington.

  • Patrick Buchanan

    Patrick Buchanan

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    This episode makes a lot more sense if you subscribe to the fan theory that they actually died in the plane, this is their judgement before entering heaven, and their sentence is their allotted time in purgatory. Ultimately, though, it was just a bad episode of Seinfeld and a poor way to end the series.

  • Paul TheSkeptic

    Paul TheSkeptic

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    So what's the moral of this story? It seems like Jerry is trying to say that he's a terrible person. But is he? If he's terrible then where do I stand on the sliding scale from the most notorious mass murderers and torturers on one side to the most benevolent humanitarians on the other. I always figured I was closer to the Bill Gates of the world but if he's terrible than I couldn't be far behind.



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    Eric Garner's murderer will not face jail time but the person filming the chokehold will be going to jail. Im not clear on why this is the case. Could you make a video on it possibly?

  • Rowan Strang

    Rowan Strang

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    This guy looks like a human puppet

  • John Harris

    John Harris

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    it was a bad clip show

  • J dero

    J dero

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    Who else wants to see Joys Trail from My Name is Earl???

  • Dennis McIntyre

    Dennis McIntyre

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    I asked about this on an other vid, how about the Judd Nelson film "From the Hip" I think you'd like it....

  • arcxjo


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    It IS true they factually committed the "crime". Isn't this a perfect opportunity for jury nullification to turn back some tyranny?

  • John Dougherty

    John Dougherty

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    I can't believe the Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks hasn't gotten lawyered yet. I definitely recommend it for lawyering.

  • Lars Heim

    Lars Heim

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    In Germany we actually have a law that obligates you to help people in danger. We call it "unterlassene Hilfeleistung" which translates to "failure to provide assistance" but it has the big point that you wouldnt have to help if you get in danger yourself. But if there is someone drowning in a pool you would be obligated to get them out, call an ambulance and provide first aid. Also you cant be help responsible for damages that you inflict, like broken rips etc

  • Cabo Diablo

    Cabo Diablo

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    have you done any reactions to Boston Legal? Loved that show, love the Alan Shore character played by James Spader.

  • Staceynainlab


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    LegalEagle are you familiar with the show Touched By An Angel? it has several court episodes you could review but in particular I would like to hear you review season 9's Virtual Reality, in my opinion one of the most asinine TV episodes ever. I would also be very interested to hear your thoughts on Season 2's Jacob's Ladder.

    • Jess Harriman

      Jess Harriman

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      "Touched By An Angel"? is that the same as "Molested by Mythology"?

  • Gbreadlova


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    You finally did Seinfeld thank you!!

  • Frustrated Cartoons

    Frustrated Cartoons

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    Would Legal Eagle please make a reaction video for the planet of the apes court scene? I would like a breakdown of the corruption mixing ape religion and science during a court session.

  • D. Steven

    D. Steven

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    Do _The Judge_ starring RDJ, Robert Duvall, and Billy Bob Thornton.

  • Daniel Stoica

    Daniel Stoica

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    The madeup "good samaritin law" had an "as long as it is safe". I would consider yelling and walking toward in progress armed robery unsafe. I guess someone could have called 911 or ran to to fetch an officer that is 200 feet away? The guy who was carjacked was not comfortable yelling to get the attention of an officer while being robbed, Why should Seinfield take more risk than the victom? In 1st aid training, there is a strong "dont add to the injury count". Sienfield is not a trained hostage negotiator, so he would have "helped beyond his training", and be excluded from good sameritan law.

  • Josh Castro

    Josh Castro

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    I would’ve expected a bit more depth on when a duty to act or rescue can theoretically attach, like jumping into a pool to save someone drowning which stops others from trying to rescue but then giving up on the rescue yourself.

  • Vkhadijah Smith

    Vkhadijah Smith

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    Hey DJ Stone! (Yes I found your other channel first) I was wondering if you could take a look at the TV show Monk? It was so nostalgic for me when I was younger and I would love to see you cover it!

  • themanzl


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    How quick that woman snatched the soup was hilarious lol

  • SleevedBiker


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    I always hated this episode... You can't FORCE someone to endanger themselves to help someone else.



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    I've enjoyed these videos. I've watched a couple now and I especially like the host lawyer's reactions to the episodes when they get it wrong. Great idea to do these kinds of vids. Actually pretty fun to watch because I enjoy these shows.

  • Charlotte's Filmography

    Charlotte's Filmography

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    In europe good samaritan laws exist which is good

  • Valentina Garzón

    Valentina Garzón

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    You should react to brooklyn 99! specifically those episodes where jake was dating sophia. that and/or when jake and rosa are incriminated in a season finale