PZ9 HACKED CHAD WILD CLAY's PHONE! Spying on Hacker for 24 Hours Challenge During Scavenger Hunt

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After Chad Wild Clay made SPYING ON PZ9 for NAME REVEAL - Pretending to be Friend Hacker for 24 Hours in Real Life Challenge, Vy Qwaint created Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge - Best at Drawing Wins Undercover as Best Friend Hacker PZ9 and Daniel uploaded CWC vs BEST FRIEND BATTLE ROYALE Challenge to Learn if Hacker PZ9 is Buying Everything Justin Buys to the Exposing Project Zorgo IN-top channel, we overheard the hacker, PZ9 on his iPhone X having a secret meeting with the Roblox character named PZ Squire! PZ9 is going to hack Vidcon 2019 and needs a gadget from PZ Squire to complete the mission! If we can attend this gathering, we'll be able to unmask and reveal his name! A face reveal would definitely prove if it's Justin! If it's my best friend Justin I will be very upset! How could my friend betray us? We've done so many 24 hour overnight challenges and a fun ninja battle royale together! Why would he join Project Zorgo! I need to retrieve Chad's phone from the hacker PZ9 so we follow him through Las Vegas.
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Carter Sharer - $10,000 LEGO BRIDGE ACROSS POOL!!
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Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint
  • Vy Qwaint

    Vy Qwaint

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    PZ9 is leading the VidCon Mission. What should we do to stop him?

    • Kevin Bueno

      Kevin Bueno

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      Vy Qwaint Hey V I’m gonna head your channel you look like some back in this metal

    • Rochelle Johnson

      Rochelle Johnson

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      Love you vy can you call (559) 2762323) now please don't tell chad

    • Liam Pullen

      Liam Pullen

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      lolis Galv

    • Marc Munro

      Marc Munro

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    • ReeEEeEeeEe


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      @Tajaya Stokes Yes?

  • Alexander Tommazi

    Alexander Tommazi

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    Great content! A few weeks ago I suspected my wife was cheating on me so I needed to be really sure that my suspicion was true, then I contacted a friend of mine and she told me about @brandhackers1 on INSTAGRAM and I got exactly what I was looking for in three hours or less, although I'm heartbroken but it was worth the trial. you can text them on WhatsApp too +19163042321 for their services or send them a mail on brandhackers1@ gmail. com

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    Mrs Jemima Akuamoah Boateng

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  • Kaitlyn


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    That was rude .... Melvin

  • Kim de Oliveira

    Kim de Oliveira

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    Regina you’re wish came true PZ9 did be come a spy ninja

  • Kuwaiti Gamer

    Kuwaiti Gamer

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    8:31the wish came true


  • Cherryl P

    Cherryl P

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    I wish I can get a shout out the spy ninjas are so cool🤣😊😚

  • Amazing Aidan Magic

    Amazing Aidan Magic

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    If you’re watching in 2020, you probably know that Regina’s wish came true!

  • sunshineknit11


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    Trick pz9

  • Sophie Arney

    Sophie Arney

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    V I love your YouTube videos it's me Sophia I watch your videos everyday you are my favorite YouTuber my address is Fulton Missouri 5021 Oak Lane

  • Poi Oneill

    Poi Oneill

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    Regina wish came true 2020 anyone?

  • Kerry-sue Bland

    Kerry-sue Bland

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    A stak of cards

  • Christian Jennings

    Christian Jennings

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    Melvin in Regina they are brother and sister Mr. e it’s probably their dad are pz161

  • Cheyennes WORLD! Cheyennes world

    Cheyennes WORLD! Cheyennes world

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    Well your wish came ture regina

  • Charley Mason

    Charley Mason

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    Boooo for pz9

  • Fofo Vincent

    Fofo Vincent

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    It's a squid

  • Fofo Vincent

    Fofo Vincent

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  • Ayaan Rahman

    Ayaan Rahman

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  • ItzLuwix


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    Spy ninja’s Regina wisht that PZ9 Will be a spy ninja and NOW MELVIN IS A SPY NINJA!!!

  • Joud vlogs

    Joud vlogs

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    8:31 your wish came true he is a spy ninja now !

  • Mia Mariani

    Mia Mariani

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    And pz4 wish came ture, that she wanted pz9 in the spy ninjas

  • Harrison Clift

    Harrison Clift

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    An octopus

  • Brayden S

    Brayden S

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  • Ruby Lister

    Ruby Lister

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    Warric David is smaller than u vy

  • had better days

    had better days

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    Regina your wish came true

  • Robeena Hussain

    Robeena Hussain

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    My dad

  • Robeena Hussain

    Robeena Hussain

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    Signle booster

  • Karla Sausameda

    Karla Sausameda

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    NO PZ9 don’t delete chads channel

  • Andrea Hernandez

    Andrea Hernandez

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    A dec of cards

  • Estela España

    Estela España

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    When regina put that coin in the water reginas wish came true because pz9 is a spy ninja now yay pz9 😀😀😀😀😀😀☺☺☺

    • Estela España

      Estela España

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  • Giavanna Zullo

    Giavanna Zullo

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    noooooooooooooo pz9

  • Rebecca Hart

    Rebecca Hart

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    ti is 1626

  • Kaeleigh Garcia

    Kaeleigh Garcia

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    Tell Daniel to join pz9 on his mission to get the signal booster

  • Sharon Fernandes

    Sharon Fernandes

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    Go to vdcon and save vidcon

  • Jacqui Thompson

    Jacqui Thompson

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    Playing caies

  • Lax Lax

    Lax Lax

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    Pz 2 is a muncki

  • Shannon Melrose

    Shannon Melrose

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    Chad and vy Daniel Regina you are the best

  • Youtube Alex

    Youtube Alex

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    Peezy nine with this hacking on your phone tag you have to stop it he just talk to the spine and



    9 दिन पहले

    Reginas wish came true
    PZ9 is a spy ninja

  • Potato paradise

    Potato paradise

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    Regina’s wish came true because now pz9 is a Spy ninja!!!!!!!

  • Isabel Cruz

    Isabel Cruz

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    Plz say hi to every spy ninja

  • Isabel Cruz

    Isabel Cruz

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    Hi vy I love your videos so much

  • Hayden Lomprey

    Hayden Lomprey

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    Vy plz shout me out!!!

  • Erin Squires

    Erin Squires

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    When Regina made her wish it actually came true

    • MedinaVlogs


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  • Molina's Roofing Services, Corp

    Molina's Roofing Services, Corp

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    pz 9 s name is meilven

  • Nathan Franklin

    Nathan Franklin

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  • Tesamae Padon

    Tesamae Padon

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    I figure it out i'm now what PZ9 what he looks like but I won't tell you what he looks like!!!!! by the way you're gonna meet Mr.E.

  • nicky whiting

    nicky whiting

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    A deck of cards(daniels riddle)

  • Dustin Watkins

    Dustin Watkins

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    Chad wild clay and chad wild clay and chad wild clay and wild wild clay and chad wild clay and beautiful beautiful chad and beautiful beautiful love

  • Jakeyjimp_06 Jake Maher-Prince

    Jakeyjimp_06 Jake Maher-Prince

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    I love your YouTube channel's

  • Amar Gams Anime

    Amar Gams Anime

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    PZ9 is like the Predator?is that why you call him a Predator? In 10:50 but the Predator is alien.👽👾

  • jie zhang

    jie zhang

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    Regina wished pz9 turned into a spy ninja
    2020 spy ninjas: he is a spy ninja

  • Libby Dsousa

    Libby Dsousa

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    13 CARDS

  • Libby Dsousa

    Libby Dsousa

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    13 CRDAS

  • Madison Irons

    Madison Irons

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    I Love you so much vy and chad your my favourite YouTube

  • Archie Bradshaw

    Archie Bradshaw

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    You should have a poster that says looking for a spy ninja so you could have more poeple so u defeat pz and pz 9

  • Joyce Cellacay

    Joyce Cellacay

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    Regina’s wish came true lol



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    Your wish came troo pz4 at 2020

  • Erika Lindholm

    Erika Lindholm

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    Reginas Wish Became True

  • Sema And Gabriel !

    Sema And Gabriel !

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  • Sema And Gabriel !

    Sema And Gabriel !

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    Your wish came true regina pz9 is a spy ninja now

  • Fuzzy Bubble

    Fuzzy Bubble

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    Regina’s wish came true

  • Sandra Lucio

    Sandra Lucio

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    He did trun into a spynija in the New vidios

    • Gamer kid Beast

      Gamer kid Beast

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      Sandra Lucio he’s been a spy ninja you idiot

  • Lisa Cwc

    Lisa Cwc

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    Daniel is a lot more Popular than I thought😂😂

  • Sashwa Auman

    Sashwa Auman

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    my name is ebony burgin and I'm a kid and I'm 7 and a fan

  • C K

    C K

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    Pz9 is going to be a spy ninja

  • RIZE SavageBTW

    RIZE SavageBTW

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    That wish became true because ım waching this in2020

  • zoe laverne

    zoe laverne

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    Regina your wish comed ture Melvin IS A SPY NINJA NOWW!!!!☃️❄

  • MrBallHead


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    If your watching in 2020 you would know pz9 is a spy ninja

  • Celina Haro

    Celina Haro

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    A cat