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Jhené Aiko - None Of Your Concern (Official Video)

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None Of Your Concern
Music video by Jhené Aiko performing None Of Your Concern. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Cocoa Beanz

    Cocoa Beanz

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    Gosh all of your music sounds the same! Switch the fuck up sometime. Yawn! Yawn! Yawn!

  • B 274

    B 274

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  • Mila Loutre

    Mila Loutre

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    The male part is pretty horrendous

  • yoogeo1


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    Oh dear Big Sean. How I wanted to argue agianst the women speaking about the nonsense you just came with and their attributuion of it to all men. How I wanted to say that it is just another example of women not listening to us, not accepting our openness and vulnerability even though they ask for it, and speaking for us assuming that they know and understand our lived experiences. How I wanted to dismiss it all as yet another example of women seeing every failure in every relationship as simply the mans fault, and another example of womens failure to be introspective or accountable for their own failings...
    BUT MY GOD!!!!
    What a failure this is. You had a minute and a half and you managed to fast speak so much toxic, self absorbed, stereotypical "Im da man" nonsense that you actually decided to relinquish the idea of having any rhythm or flow. Speaking nonsense was more important to you.
    You had a WHOLE relationship with someone you purportedly love, yet at the break up stage, when you are cordial enough to be on a song together, a song titled None Of Your Concern, no less, in which she is telling you that her future decisions apart from you are no longer your business, you choose to make your verse about bitching about who shes sleeping with and whther or not theyre better than you??? You choose tp boast about how good you are in bed? Ypu choose to divulge personal details about your sex life with her to humblebrag to millions of people? This is someone you love? This is you expressing your pain? Do you even respect this woman? Forget love, this is a lack of basic respect! And to top it all off you go on to pass the responsibility for the manifestation of your personal issues to her! What dafuq you mean "you knew what you were getting into"? YOUUUUUUU knew what YOUUUUUU were STARTING! If YOU have issues it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that they do not hurt the person you claim to love and care about. I hate the use of terms that denigrate men based on gender when the behaviour isnt specifically gendered, but MY FUCKING LIFE! If this isnt quintessential FUCKBOY behaviour then I dont know what is. Emphasis on BOY.
    I am so disappointed because I was rooting for you. As celeb relationships and breakups go, this one seemed...healthy somehow. Like you were both focused on growth. Your love for each other coming before wanting to get one over on the other. But then you come with this mess...
    Now on reflection, I see my biases. I am a man, I live in a generation where men are constantly being denigrated just for being male, and I'm defensive. Often rightly so, other times not. I have come to realise that the women were right here. This stupid shit is too many of us men. I came to this video as a thinking man, and I expected a thinking mans verse given what I thought I saw as introspection from Big Sean over the last few months hearing him speak on his mental health and relationship. What I got was fuckboy drivel. I have never written so much on a youtube video. MANDEM! We have to start being thinkers. We have a lot stacked against us as it is. We are seen as base, primal, unthinking, uncaring, sex obsessed etc. We are stereotyped as unthinking animals interested only in one thing. The majority of us are not like that but our behaviours betray us. Lets start thinking and doing the women who love us (and not all of them do, lets be discerning at the same time please) right.
    Big Sean your verse was anything but Big. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • Oh thats Lauren

    Oh thats Lauren

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    “Get yo bitch ass off of my phone “ I felt that

  • Aisha Nicole

    Aisha Nicole

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    Pisces gang💙💖

  • Daaiyah Jackson

    Daaiyah Jackson

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    You meant big sean

  • Pop Music Piano Tutorials

    Pop Music Piano Tutorials

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    There's a really good instrumental of None Of Your Concern on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4TQJR5QUTYxkBNLE1iZJgM?si=V7ryFzcxRhedqPCFq6QWuQ

  • Angela Shaw

    Angela Shaw

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    Wowwww..... just wow love it .....🥰😉👍... when me and my ex boyfriend started dating we both agree we had issues and we both agree to work on ourselves to better of relationships, but when it came to me valuing myself more that's when the relationship when down, but still in yet I supported him 100% but he still didn't like me doing better and getting more healthier to build us.... so I had to leave it hurted but not as much now...... I love me more and happy where I'm at..... lol we end up talking for 4 hours he want to get bac together, then he ended up call me again but I didn't answer because I need someone who wants more an a relationship.... 😉🥰👍

  • Michael Arbuckle Jr.

    Michael Arbuckle Jr.

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  • Bruna Fidalgo Flores

    Bruna Fidalgo Flores

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    this music is so sad

  • Leon Pullen

    Leon Pullen

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    This is dope break up/ I'm over you song.

  • i


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  • brian gray

    brian gray

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    Big Sean you fucked upp!!

  • Ayshea Dobson

    Ayshea Dobson

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    goose bumps. especially after reading the comment by Paris Melvin. damn.

  • Toneisha Chambers

    Toneisha Chambers

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    her music is made for the soulful and peaceful mind



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  • Sade Patterson

    Sade Patterson

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    I don't get how this song has 8.7k dislikes

  • Merv Philip

    Merv Philip

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    Burn that Palo Santo to get Reed of this bitch ass negative energy ♥️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Angelica G

    Angelica G

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    I think I’m get this song to 17 million views with how much I have it on repeat

  • Leslie Ortiz

    Leslie Ortiz

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    Big sean fucked it up

  • Day 300

    Day 300

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  • Justin Williams

    Justin Williams

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    https://youtu.be/Qw7rUvJrHSc watch my channel and music i love you all

  • Guile Texas Ranger

    Guile Texas Ranger

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    It doesn't hurt. Evolve past emotion, utilize your bioenergy.

  • ImmortalShadow


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    Ok, I dont even know who she is, its the very first time I see this woman and...
    I guess I found a new favorite artist.
    *her voice is angelic and so calming*

  • Antanasia Coleman

    Antanasia Coleman

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    Her music is deep . nice ride and listen

  • lo2 laura

    lo2 laura

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    Damn ……. 9 times ….

  • Earnestine Irving

    Earnestine Irving

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  • Coast2Soul Music

    Coast2Soul Music

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    This is how I feel towards an ex that cheated on me. Big Sean telling ppl how many times you made her cum is disrespectful and plus your exaggerating. No wonder why she's not with you.

  • Dmadd 12

    Dmadd 12

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    I heard the version with big Sean and i'll say, I think kissing and telling is lame with his 9 times in one day climax line. What goes on in the bed is like what goes on in Vegas. And in my experience that is not all that impressive. No bullshit. Hell if she ain't losing count in one session, somebody needs a little more experience. No bullshit is for those not quite there yet because of course I'm not alone.

  • Dmadd 12

    Dmadd 12

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    16 million views lest than a month. So deserving. I am in love with this chick.

  • blush tiwana

    blush tiwana

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    It gives me good feeling now

  • bigbug13


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    Someone please tell me where the piano melody is from. I've heard it before but can't figure it out!



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    This is the reason I love Jhené Aiko 🥺

  • blush tiwana

    blush tiwana

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  • ThisIsVictor


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    Jesus christ stop fucking recommending me this shit

  • mireya Gonzalez

    mireya Gonzalez

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    Love this🙌🙌😇😇

  • Tae Tui

    Tae Tui

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    When yourself finally accepts it's over.

  • Princess Yasmine

    Princess Yasmine

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    AV CC ccc fb

  • Ryan Donkersley

    Ryan Donkersley

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    I love every word you say, you calm my anger especially with bed peace. Thank you for making something that calms my peace. I hear you and I melt into what matters and that's myself and a woman that's a final peace. Love your word and keep it going, keep talking girl and making me at home peacefully

  • Kenya Monroe

    Kenya Monroe

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    Get your bitch ass off of my phone.

  • elvia flores

    elvia flores

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    It don’t hurt after u get use to the fake ones n just smh

  • Zamel Conley

    Zamel Conley

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  • Smouve Couve

    Smouve Couve

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    She is a bad influence for women.

  • Nkume Jonathan

    Nkume Jonathan

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  • ZG Gomez

    ZG Gomez

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    He’s sorry ass...but their verse and what they gotta say usually is isn’t it?....

  • Desiree Strickland

    Desiree Strickland

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    When she said ' I'm not your girl anymore you need to watch your tone " I FELT THAT

  • GenThaaSlime !

    GenThaaSlime !

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    i liked big sean feature

  • Frankensteins Monster

    Frankensteins Monster

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    Big sean with one of the worst parts I've ever heard.

  • Rickey Yett

    Rickey Yett

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    Look look beneath the skys

  • Hind Oukhija

    Hind Oukhija

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    So much emotions in this song... Just pure sincerity and honesty. I love Jhene, and thank you for being so open to us about something so personal. xo

  • Yagirl._ Dei

    Yagirl._ Dei

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    who ever that was at the end was ass .



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  • Jesus Aldaba

    Jesus Aldaba

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    This is so bad lmfao

  • Bryson Harrington

    Bryson Harrington

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    Big Sean killed that! Y'all trippin' out of all he said all y'all heard was the SEX part lol WOW!

  • Co Co

    Co Co

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    On replay

  • Co Co

    Co Co

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    I'm not scared to belong anymore

  • Co Co

    Co Co

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    I 💗💗💗 your music



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    I need Drake to hop on a remix

  • Joy Brown

    Joy Brown

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    Who else thinks Big Sean's part is completely unnecessary?🙋‍♀️

  • Living in China

    Living in China

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    Big Sean really did her dirty

  • wisdom's tree

    wisdom's tree

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    big sean: 😐

  • Marley Vincent

    Marley Vincent

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    Me: *disliking all the Sean slander*

  • Autocracy Stanley

    Autocracy Stanley

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    None of your concern

  • Ondrea Sanders-Walker

    Ondrea Sanders-Walker

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    This is my first time ever hearing her music. Im in love!!

  • lisa whaley

    lisa whaley

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    I wish I was famous so I could make a song with her

  • lisa whaley

    lisa whaley

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    Her soul is so beautiful

  • Annastasia Wheeler

    Annastasia Wheeler

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  • Dv


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    Thats dope af

  • Felix Gonzales

    Felix Gonzales

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    He fukd the hole vibe of the song up. Should of went with RIni or even Drake tbh. Good song though.