Ryan Reynolds
Aviation Gin

I am so sorry about this

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Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds


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    Ja superman

  • Mhao Yeager

    Mhao Yeager

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    Take my watch time

  • grace ridley

    grace ridley

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    wow what a cool lad

  • Crispy Scooby-Doo

    Crispy Scooby-Doo

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    Man I’m fourteen so I can’t drink this but if I could I’m sure it’d be great

  • RobinSue16


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    LOVE Ryan Reynolds - ALWAYS SO FUNNY -great actor, beautiful man

  • Supreme Uchiha

    Supreme Uchiha

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    that superman reference is GOLD

  • Iss Mo

    Iss Mo

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  • native08


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    I think you would've made a great actor in blade Trinity

  • The Fire

    The Fire

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    I would like to apologize for all the people who can’t spell advertisement

  • Lester Delgado

    Lester Delgado

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    Men... you're amazing jajaaja do one of the witcher, make Cavill go mad

  • Shailesh Dagar

    Shailesh Dagar

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    Is this Gordon Reynolds' audition tape for the role of Superman?

  • Anita Perez Perez

    Anita Perez Perez

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    Lol I get it

  • Hoàng Lance

    Hoàng Lance

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    Superman: aM i A jOkE t0 yOu??

  • Visakh Vijayan

    Visakh Vijayan

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    It's not like we're trying to erase a moustache 😂😂😂

  • Con Flicc

    Con Flicc

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    Wtf lol

  • Matthewjim


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    This guy should become a actor

  • Wayne Jamel

    Wayne Jamel

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    That was actually really good at first. They put more work to make it look bad on purpose haha

  • Austin Nelsbach

    Austin Nelsbach

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    Hey why do you have to be so intolerable, I wish I can see you more of a mean man

  • Rory Potter

    Rory Potter

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    So not only did he diss Batman v Superman’s failed effect in the Deadpool 2 trailer, but also in an Aviation Gin ad XD

  • Tometsam2


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    This mustache is perfect ! I want it on Deadpool 3 !

  • Zinniye


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    Is this a TARGET ad???

  • scatman noyb

    scatman noyb

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    Oh I get it, Ginger Beer and Gin= Gin Gin Mule. kinda funny but he's as dry as the gin...

  • Mike Duckworth

    Mike Duckworth

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  • David Miorgan

    David Miorgan

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    I have the same copper cup made by the west bend aluminium company, west bend Wisconsin!

  • VitriolVic


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  • Lucian Andries

    Lucian Andries

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    They removed your moustache by CGI too? Bastards...

  • Fabrizio Chavez

    Fabrizio Chavez

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    Jsjsjsjs Supermán cgi xd

  • Zoe Summers

    Zoe Summers

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    I'm so gay I'm a 7 on the Kinsey scale, but by the stars I'm in love Ryan Reynolds.

  • Mark Hylton

    Mark Hylton

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    Oh no! you didn't!
    Just Savage!

  • David Gilder

    David Gilder

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    WTF Ryan. I mean seriously! Who loses their mustache when taking a swig of Laughing Man Coffee??

  • Marko


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    Before watching this 17 seconds video I scroll down the comments and decide not to.

  • meit mieto

    meit mieto

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    The mustache was fake!

  • Sumukh


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    This guy is so good he must be Canadian or something

    • mahendra singh

      mahendra singh

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      Or maybe owner of some American gin company

  • Kyber Crystal

    Kyber Crystal

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    Steven Ogg should play headpool

  • Wave


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    "I wanted to". - osama

  • Bren Stewart

    Bren Stewart

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    Hahhahhahahahha that was a good one

  • Nathan Sylvester

    Nathan Sylvester

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    Ryan Reynolds is there anyway I can post this on Henry cavil’s page .

  • Robroscob


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    ↑ MOVEMBER ↑

  • Imran Ayub

    Imran Ayub

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  • Sean Boyle

    Sean Boyle

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    Must get a bottle of this aviation gin someday just for the sake it's Ryan Reynolds brand like lols 🤘👽

  • Darrien pennington

    Darrien pennington

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  • R J

    R J

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    Hahaha. Canadians, not so nice after all.

  • Anmol Sahdev

    Anmol Sahdev

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    Ahm! Ahm! Justice!! Ahm!! Ahm!! League...

  • Campbell Cutler

    Campbell Cutler

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    Oh good god how long are you going to keep beating the CGI moustache dead horse.

  • Donny Donny

    Donny Donny

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    Focking man boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i weak 😂😂😂😂😂he does catch me off guard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂........

  • Mike S

    Mike S

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    The mustache needed to die anyway



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    Ни-чё се я поражён

  • Kermit Muppet

    Kermit Muppet

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    Don't make the suit green

  • Splat Zooka!

    Splat Zooka!

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    I thought that he was going to say something important but made me lose 17 seconds of my miserable life with an ad. Worth it.

  • Bruno Castiglioni

    Bruno Castiglioni

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  • Benditø


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    I finally get the reference after all this time

  • Aile Striker

    Aile Striker

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    Is he the guy who wears a blue unitard and a red cape?

  • Mike Oudt

    Mike Oudt

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  • Emma Hamilton

    Emma Hamilton

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    Now that I actually understand the joke, this is frickin hilarious

  • Ikdulo


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    i swear he got possessed by the spirit of Dead Pool so he can beak the forth wall and walk through it into reality.

  • Midnight Rocker

    Midnight Rocker

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    7.1K justice league fans😂😂😂😂

  • ipressedabutton


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    my piss was more entertaining to watch than that

  • Darren Werner

    Darren Werner

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    Typical Canadian. They still think they're funny.

  • wade wilson

    wade wilson

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  • yusufterminator


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    What the hell

    • yusufterminator


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      Why is it so good

  • FandeJay


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    I so wish to see Henry Cavill's reaction to this.

  • Micah up Williams

    Micah up Williams

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    Boy oh boy who did u say tricked me into clicking this ad he must be legendary

  • Quang Trinh Hong

    Quang Trinh Hong

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    I want that cup, where can I get that cup

  • Orzech


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    That's...that's some nasty stuff.

    Am into this shiet

  • Carter Peterson

    Carter Peterson

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    What happened?

  • farlon muentes

    farlon muentes

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    taking a jab at someone's franchise. noice.

  • Prince Scotticus Pierce

    Prince Scotticus Pierce

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    Shots fuckin fired lol

  • Draco Warner

    Draco Warner

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    Confused Alil

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

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    Who’s that guy? ‘mustache disappears’ Oh wait it’s Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool aka Pikachu

  • Michael Rahaman

    Michael Rahaman

    2 महीने पहले

    Is this captain america?