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HONEST Hair Care Routine for LONG & SHINY Hair | #Hacks #Fun #Anaysa

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Wanna to know my Secret to Long and Healthy Hair?? Here I am today going to share with you my “Honest Hair Care Routine” that how I maintain my hair health. Sure you too all find it helpful. So just follow this routine and get your hair too look super heathy, shiny and frizz free.
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    I don't use any of these things just oil of natural ingredients I am using then too my hair is so long

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    Urdu status Urdu Mushahira. MGA

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  • Syed Khaderi

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    Even i am a student my hair is also long and smooth what i do is only 3 steps that is applying oil everyday the oil is parachute jasmine and aloveara and always i keep my hair in a braid and wash my hair only once in a week with chemical free shampo.

    • Syed Khaderi

      Syed Khaderi

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      Your welcome vijay pandey

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      @Syed Khaderi thanku v much

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      I also wanted to tell you drink milk this is the main reason for hair growth

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