Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! EXPERIMENT: CAR VS TOOTHPASTE, Squishy, Fruit, Hackers & more

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Crushing CRUNCHY and SOFT Things by Car - Tire Crushing Compilation Oddly Satisfying videos
Hi Spy Ninjas! In today's video, I'll show you THE MOST SATISFYING CAR TIRE Crushing ASMR. After Chad Wild Clay made SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE PZ9 Competing in Undercover Disguise Challenges to Reveal Hackers Memory, Vy Qwaint created SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE Competing in Trivia Challenges to Reveal Who Has the Best Memory of History, and Daniel uploaded CWC vs HACKER in Real Life SPY NINJAS BATTLE ROYALE to Reveal Project Zorgo PZ9 Memory to the Exposing Project Zorgo IN-top channel, Project Zorgo leader made a deal with the Spy Ninjas. If we don't give the safe back to Project Zorgo, they will put the mind control device on PZ9 and get the safe house address from him. Daniel and Chad give the safe back in exchange for PZ9, while Regina and Vy guard the safe because what's inside can defeat Project Zorgo forever! Since PZ9 can't remember his dislike of Project Zorgo, we make the decision to jog his memory by going undercover as familiar hackers. We did fun hacker vs PZ9 challenges - Daniel, CWC, Regina, and Vy tried out their best impressions but it didn't work. Now, we decide to keep our memory alert and active so we challenge ourselves to a Spy Ninja car tire experiment crushing items such as toothpaste, fruit, squishies, slime, Fortnite squishy, unicorns, rubber chickens, orbeez, jelly, pineapple, soda cans, bananas, real food vs gummy food, and a hacker mask. After battling each other, the girls end up winning the most challenges. If we go Project Zorgo headquarters our memories should be safe even if we get trapped for 24 hours and they use the helmet! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay
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    HI SPY NINJAS! Which item was your favorite?

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      I’m *I

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      Amazingplays & Edge yum .lj,yvoycokijjxzfXll.al

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      You are so weird

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      You're awesome

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    Ok 👌 was r the

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    "mr ball" was bleeeding get it hit like if you get my joke!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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    My name is Brianna Hodder

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    I think the uinecorns

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    Danials friends

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    The hacker mask is the most satisfying for Regina and Daniel

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    Regina’s chickens are the Jonas brothers

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    On the blue ball u could be the blue man

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    I have the same Fortnite squishy

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    Did you know I feel bad for your ball collection

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    The password is 1919 like if u agree

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    Regina said. Nick joe Kevin

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    Chad your fortnight squishy because I play Fortnite

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    The fortnite one

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    vy s toy

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    So I can run over all of y’all’s stuff lol 😂 2:45

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    Hey go to project zorger exposing

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    10:03 I have the pineapple squishy

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    Whi wlse laughed at regina 4:01

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    I love your videos I also always support your team

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    The code was 2390
    Aim a true spy ninja also you ar soooo cool❤😄

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    You ar sooo cool aim your biggest Fan😇☺🎁

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    I like that road print on the banana

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    The 1 that's big that has some stuff in its mouth

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    Pz leader is your dad chad



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    The Cold is 9987712

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    5:26 Daniel: I’m not gonna pull a Regina *pulls a Regina and gets it in the pool*

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