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24 SIMPLE INSTAGRAM HACKS II Instagram vs Real Life

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00:04 Instagram vs real life
03:16 Photo tricks you should know
06:17 How to become an Instagram star
08:08 How to make unusual photos
08:48 Levitation photos
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5-Minute Crafts TEENS
5-Minute Crafts TEENS
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    You are very mate

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  • Elif Sümeyye ÖZER

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    Çok saçma

  • Kersten Dehnel

    Kersten Dehnel

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    Wouldn’t everyone who she took things from beyond Instagram and say “ no that’s my stuff”

    • Kersten Dehnel

      Kersten Dehnel

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      I meant be on

  • Thewierdhooman;-;


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    7:03, that moment when you realize that five minute crafts is assuming everyone in the world is white. Why to be racist.

    (jk this is a joke don’t take it seriously, plz don’t sue me 😂)

  • Avery Harris

    Avery Harris

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    Who gets annoyed when there’s multiple hashtags like UGHHHHH

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    Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😆😘

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    _games Ari_gacha

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    Did anyone notice on the lighting one she has different colored eyes

  • Zodiac Zucchini

    Zodiac Zucchini

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    2:30 she misspelled *organized*

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    *Who doesn’t have instagram and watching this 😂😂😂*

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    She has two colored eyes! Cool!

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    The girl with short black hair has different eye colors one is blue and green and one is brown!!

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    Chelsie Lily

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    5:16 she looks really odd

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    Cool bro

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    The floor is lava

    Like if you didn't move..

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    Ariana Perez

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    Why is everyone commenting that she has different colored eyes. Ok cool, she's unique.

  • Ariana Perez

    Ariana Perez

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    2:30 they spelled organized wrong...lol

  • Totally Cool

    Totally Cool

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    She just wasted a perfect drink she should have gave it to the homeless

  • Camilita Playz

    Camilita Playz

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    I don’t even think teens can relate to this

  • Megan M

    Megan M

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    God that girls insta looks so cringe 😂 “#bicycleday” why? 😂

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    حسين علي

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    ولله ذكريات 👍👍😹😹😸😸😺😺😻😻😼😼

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    isis michel

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    • isis michel

      isis michel

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    • isis michel

      isis michel

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    Nightgirl 360

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    Ooohhhhhh someone Russian 4:55

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    Lara Lara

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    You stool a dog

  • Lara Lara

    Lara Lara

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    What are you doing that's crazy

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    Ashley Michelle Robles Oyaga

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    son orribles sus videos son mejor los de 123 go ok pun to feos

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    gacha hania

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    It's okay to be not that you know 'perfect' life is best then your Instagram Posts UwU

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    Watch out my channel guys

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    Emma Anderson

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    505..... the demon queen is coming.... I am scared😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Reese Duncan

    Reese Duncan

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    8:30 her eyes are different

  • Toto San

    Toto San

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    Your so fake

  • Arshad Hanif

    Arshad Hanif

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    Yeah you are right just be your self

  • Peter Laursen

    Peter Laursen

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    U now that 1.2.3. Go make the same things 😑

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    Shit that people do to get likes, views, comments and followers smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    who carries a toilet seat.
    1st of all who will remove their toilet seat from the toilet,sooo dumb people

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    Very nice I thank you Halloum for the best channel on YouTube ♥️♥️♥️ ❤️💋💖💕🌹

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    I always carry around a toilet seat.

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    Unicorn yay cute Yay

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    1 eye green 1 eye blue

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    She is soooooo ugly

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    Wine in teen chanel...

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    Shayshayso craycray19

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    At 10:50 I still don’t understand how she did it

  • Lakshay Jain

    Lakshay Jain

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    The girl showing bad and good lightning had one blue and one green eye..
    Is it possible??

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    Susmita rathod

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    10: 25 sec in.🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

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    Hai jelek

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    vkook kim taehyung and jeon jung kook

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    Mik thich kenh nay vi kenh nay k bat chuoc ken nao khac va sang tao nhug cai hay bo ich va tot

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    DD therealone

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    Lowkey at 2:45 that's really how models be when they working out

  • sai kumar

    sai kumar

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    Who is the actor ??? Name??

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  • Paula Perez

    Paula Perez

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    Did anyone else realize at 2:31 it says "#ORGANAIZED"

  • Infinity Techz

    Infinity Techz

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    I just love this girl...❤ she is a best-actor

  • Ragini Gupta

    Ragini Gupta

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    At 3:00 white phone gone in tub and black cane up

  • Ailsa Hemeon

    Ailsa Hemeon

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    won't people realize that your legs look like a sausage?🤔

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    Narayan M K Krishnamurthy

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    I'm very impressed 😊

  • Василиса Гурьянова

    Василиса Гурьянова

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    11:38 у неё крыша поехала . Нет чтоб снимать что нибудь нормальное, а не всякую чушь!!!

  • Василиса Гурьянова

    Василиса Гурьянова

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    5:01 это жесть полная.
    Сначала фотку посмотри , а потом отправляй

  • Василиса Гурьянова

    Василиса Гурьянова

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    Зачем снимать всё подряд?

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    Wow! The video amazing! I love your videos!

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    Moi je ferais pareil se sera coul

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    But it not nice

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    4:28 you can see the hand so everyone will know it's fake

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    11:21 ? Ride a horse or WHAT?

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    Still love this girl!

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    I like how this is the same video uploaded on another one of your stupid fucking channels

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    katy caminos

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    vieron que la chica tiene los ojos de un color diferente cada uno

  • Jamey De leon

    Jamey De leon

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    in 8:28 the woman has two eye colors!!!! 8:28 에 눈은 아까 이상헸어요! 읜쪽 은 파랑 오른쪽에서 갈색 이였어요!

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    It's beautiful your eyes

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    5 minuto las sigo

  • Francisca Varo Olivares

    Francisca Varo Olivares

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    Es mi idea o una tiene un ojo de un color y el otro de otro no es cierto

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    I can't believe people carry toilet seat

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    (1.34) Don’t forget to take off the helmet!!!

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    That girl in the last shot was so so Much ugly

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    This video is copied from @Mr DegrEE ... bc their video was uploaded 3 months ago and this is uploaded 1 month ago from when I'm commenting

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    Ghost craft want

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